How it works?

See how it is easy to create your first project, in just 5 steps:

Set the name of your project, language, period, number of responses and the panel where the survey will be applied.
Define your target market, by region, age, gender and social economic level
Set advanced filters through pre-qualification questions asked to respondents (car ownership, family, lifestyle, etc)
Create your online survey
After reviewing and testing your questionnaire, launch the survey.

In the case of surveys applied in our online panels, submit your survey for approval. Our quality control team will review, approve and launch your project.

  • Do you want to invite people from your mailing lists to answer the survey? Upload the lists and send your survey invitation directly from eCGlobal Surveys.
  • Do you want users of social networks, such as Facebook, to answer your surveys? It's free. Start now!
  • Does your company have more specific needs for a market research project? Please contact our sales team.

How do i know my project cost?

  • The cost is calculated as you define the details of your project and targeting criteria.

How do i follow the results?

By clicking on your Dashboard, you can view all of the projects you have in progress, as well as your draft and completed online surveys.
Once your online surveys are in field, eCGlobal Surveys offers easy ways to quickly view, filter your data and displays the results in the form of charts and graphs.
Ok, Let’s Get Going